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Fast Five Fiction: Graphic Novel Week

It's Friday and time for Fast Five Fiction! Each week I share five fiction books: new books, notable books, books around a common theme. Our summer reading theme this year is Adventure Begins at your Library and we've got a ton of great books for readers of all ages. Each week we're adventuring through a different genre in children's department. This weeks theme is graphic novels so I'm sharing 5 graphic novels & graphic novel series new to our shelves. 

Click the title to be directed to the book in our catalog. Book descriptions are from Goodreads.

Evil Secret Society of Cats by Pandania

"We will teach humans to fear the feline race!" They may seem cute and cuddly, but these kitties are up to no good! Under the direction of the purple-caped Feline Commander, the Evil Secret Society of Cats schemes against humanity in a series of humorous stories as adorable as they are diabolical. After all, the complex nature of cats is part of their charm.

Lucky Scramble

Despite qualifying for the Speed Cubing National Championships in Las Vegas, twelve-year-old Tyler Goodman and his mom don't have the money to get him there. That is, until the retailer CubeMania offers him one of their coveted all-expenses-paid sponsorships! But getting to Vegas is just the beginning: There are hundreds of speed cubers from around the country, and each has something to prove. Like Dirk, who's certain he's about to nab his third straight National Championship trophy. Lizzy and Izzy Peterson, twins who crush cubing competitions with the exact same moves and times--until one of them decides to break the mold. Renowned eight-year-old prodigy Eli Newton solved his first puzzle cube at five, yet his dad seems much more excited about the sport and there's something . . . off about his cubes. And then there's Miles Oldman, the first American to solve the cube in under 40 seconds, who's back decades later to set some new records. As Lucky Scramble moves with lightning speed between the stories of these six contestants--plus that of CubeMania's founder and CEO Victor Chen--puzzle cube devotees and fans of graphic novels alike won't be able to resist racing through the pages until the very last cube has been solved.

What Happens Next series by Jess Smart Smiley

In this series of Graphic Novels you get to choose your own adventure!

From the first book: Megan Hathaway is in charge of Sunbright Middle School's talent show, and everything is going wrong. Animals are running wild backstage, Vice Principal Fisher is out for blood, and Megan's friend Olivia might be turning into a zombie. Can you help Megan salvage this mess, or will you doom her to an eternity in the school's basement? With more than twenty-five different endings, Talent Show Trouble is a misadventure you'll be coming back to over and overWhat Happens Next?

Detective Sweet Pea: The Case of the Golden Bone by Sara Varon

Sweet Pea's got a pretty sweet life. The animals in her hometown of Parkville have always gotten along with one another, and she's free to spend her days doing what she loves best: making art, hanging out with friends, and digging through the trash for tasty treats. When two new dogs move to town, Sweet Pea is eager to show them the sights and smells of Parkville . . . especially its most famous attraction, the one-of-a-kind Golden Chew Bone. But the Golden Chew Bone has vanished! Parkville needs a detective, and Sweet Pea's spectacular sense of smell makes her the perfect pup to crack the case.

Pea, Bee, & Jay by Brian "Smitty" Smith

Get ready to roll with Pea, Bee, & Jay in this brand-new early reader graphic novel series by Brian "Smitty" Smith, perfect for fans of Narwhal & Jelly, emerging readers, and comic lovers alike!

Like all peas, Pea loves to roll. So when a no-good strawberry dares him to roll all the way off the farm, he swears he can do it--eazy me-zee!

But along the way, a powerful thunderstorm strikes and bounces Pea off course...and right into two unlikely new buds: a bee named Bee who thinks she knows it all, and a bird named Jay who can't figure out how to fly.

On their own they may not look like much, but if this trio can stick together, they just might help Pea find his way back home!

Happy Friday and happy reading!

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